2004 Montebaco Crianza

Rating: ★★★½☆

Vintage: 2004
Producer: Montebaco
Variety: Tempranillo
Designation: Crianza
Region: Spain
Sub-region: Ribera del Duero
ABV: 14%
Price: $35 (MW)

He says: This was a good contender in our Tempranillo cagematch, but it wasn’t the best. What held it back? The winemaking style. Too much new oak (rather than reusing older oak which leads to less flavor influence) turned this into a sweet fruit explosion in my mouth, with not enough acidity to balance. I’d only prefer this wine if I was ordering a big, juicy steak with a side of roast beef – hold the veggies.

She says: Big, bold and in your face but with sweet fruit and vanilla to soften the blow.  Strong oak influence reminiscent of new world wine making which fits with the fact that it is a relatively new estate by old world standards (first vintage 1994).

Tasting note

Looks like: Clear, Med+ ruby colour, slight aging at the rim, strong concentration of colour throughout
Smells like: Developing, Med+ intensity, rich, stewed black fruits, some dried fruit aromas like raisin, some earthiness, loads of sweet spice on the nose
Tastes like: Dry, med- acid, med+ body, med+ tannin, med+ intensity, med+ alcohol, loads of sweet spice paired with stewed/baked black fruit flavors, chocolate, coffee, leather, nice complexity, med finish
Summary: Very good, Ready to drink/can keep

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“Wine is at the head of all medicines; where wine is lacking, drugs are necessary.”
by The Talmud

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