2004 Tinto Figuero Crianza

Rating: ★★★★☆

Vintage: 2004
Producer: Tinto Figuero
Variety: Tempranillo
Designation: Crianza
Region: Spain
Sub-region: Ribera del Duero
ABV: 14%
Price: $40 (MW)

He says: I really enjoyed this wine, and will definitely buy it again. It’s a powerful Tempranillo, but not in the overbearing fruit-bomb style you see in its compatriots. Strong earthy, herbal flavors, and beautiful structure with high acidity, and elegant (but not lacking) tannins. It shows ripe fruit mixed with flavors that have developed over its 6-years since harvest. Is it a lot of money? Yes (for some). However, if you’re going to the Okanagan and buying 2-3 year old red wines for $30-40 (or paying more while dining out), do yourself a favor and try something with age, sophistication, and grace, for exactly the same price. (My only critique is that the elegance of this wine is probably not what you need for a big steak; do like they do in Ribera del Duero and have some roast lamb instead.)

She says: Me gusta!  Beautiful balance of fruit, oak and super fine tannins.  An elegant wine that exposed different layers of flavour with every sip.  This deserved the official stamp of the Ribera del Dureo… to me this is the Corazón (heart) of the Duero.  Delicioso!

Tasting note

Looks like: Clear, Med+ ruby colour, some light aging on the rim, not as concentrated as the others in the flight, lots of sediment in the bottle
Smells like: Developing, Med intensity, strong vegetal aromas and earthiness, mushroom, black fruit, herbal character (tobacco)
Tastes like: Dry, med+ acid, med+ body, med+ tannin (though very smooth and elegant), med+ intensity, high alcohol(!), black fruits, mushroom, vegetal, earthy, herbal, some chocolate/coffee, loads of complexity, med+ length
Summary: Very good, Ready to drink/can keep

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