2005 Fouassier Père et Fils Pouilly-Fumé Domaine Des Cassiers

Rating: ★★★★☆

Vintage: 2005
Producer: Fouassier Père et Fils
Variety: Sauvignon Blanc
Designation: Domaine Des Cassiers Pouilly-Fumé
Region: France
Sub-region: Loire, Pouilly-Fumé
ABV: 12.5%
Price: $29 (Firefly)

We tasted with our guest reviewers, the CakeBitch and El Capitan.

CakeBitch says: Flatter, smells gassy, more interesting smell.

El Capitan says: It smells interesting.

He says: This was marked down $6 at Firefly, and it looks like the Seacove group is no longer distributing it locally (come on people!). That’s a shame. I really enjoyed this wine, and it’s far from being a straight-forward Sauv Blanc, especially with it’s strong notes of yeast and smoke from its lees aging. This would be wonderful with roast chicken, a chef’s salad, or KFC. Respect!

She says: Reminded me of nanna’s apple pie with it’s riper, richer fruit encased by a nice balance of toast and yeast.  Fuller mouth feel than a Sancerre so some may argue that it is a better wine.  It is a difficult balance between delicacy, complexity & intensity in a Sauivgnon Blanc.  I liked them both for the different expressions they provide of this grape variety.

Tasting note

Looks like: Clear, med- lemon colour
Smells like: Developing, med+ intensity, ripe green apple, mineral, toast, smoke
Tastes like: Dry at first, moving to off-dry on the mid palate, med acid, med+ body, med alcohol, med+ intensity, creamy texture, autolytic flavours, oily, ripe green apple, med+ finish

Summary: Very good, Ready to drink/can develop further

2 comments to 2005 Fouassier Père et Fils Pouilly-Fumé Domaine Des Cassiers

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