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El Capitan is a connoisseur of fine wine, and Kokanee

On the evening of Canada Day, we decided to have our two good friends, the CakeBitch & El Capitan, over for some homemade pizza and an impromptu wine tasting. This was the first time they’ve ever “tasted blind” by having two glasses of the same variety side-by-side to compare and contrast. If you’ve never done that before, winecouver highly recommends it as the best way to taste and learn about wine.

We drank through two Loire valley wines, specifically a Sancerre, and a Pouilly-Fumé. They both paired brilliantly with Miss Winecouver’s pesto, pumpkin, pine nut and goat cheese pizza.

Next up were two increasingly intense pizza flavours: an Aussie-take on a Capricciosa, piled high with anchovies, olives, ham, mushrooms; plus a classic spicy salami and mushroom pizza. Am I forgetting something? Oh yes… two entirely forgettable Sicilian Nero D’Avola’s, which I’ll refer to as Mr Failure and Mr Average.

Chocolate cake, courtesy of the CakeBitch

Thankfully, the CakeBitch takes a night out seriously and brought over a delicious chocolate cake. Being BHEs (Best Hosts Ever), we pulled out some Late Bottled Vintage Port (always have a bottle open) to save them from pairing the chocolate with water (aka cheap Nero D’Avola). There was no helping El Capitan and his preference for Kokanee.

Check out the CakeBitch and El Capitan’s wine review comments on the individual blind review pages.

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“Champagne is the only wine that leaves a woman beautiful after drinking it.”
by Madame de Pompadour

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