Want to start a revolution?

A timely open letter to the BC Liquor Distribution Board was published on Scout Magazine yesterday by the well-regarded sommellier, Jake Skakun. Jake is also the co-founder of CherriesandClay.com, a site we frequent often to learn more about the world of wine.

The article, “To Whom It May Concern at the BC Liquor Distribution Branch…“, very tidely articulates the groundswell of anger that is building in the wine community of BC.

Please take a moment to read the article and digest all the hurdles that the BC Government puts in the path of you, the individual wine lover, and those trying to build a better wine community in Vancouver. The comments on the article are a perfect place to put your thoughts and add to the discussion.

Your friends at Winecouver.

5 comments to Want to start a revolution?

  • A revolution is what it may actually take. I left a comment on the Scout Magazine site. Its the stinking superior attitude that galls me. When I told a few of my wine rep friends that I would be writing about the lack of response from the LDB in my newsletter, they all said, yes do it. But in no way are they prepared to have their names associated with anything anti-LDB. Why? Fear of reprisals against their products. Like I said it might take a revolution to change this outrageous dictatorial system but perhaps we can make it a bloodless one.

    • WCVR

      Hi Wilf,
      It’s going to be anything but bloodless, and we have to realize that from the outset. We’re talking about BC union workers and a wine community with a vested interest in the current system.

      I’ve added more on these thoughts to the Scout thread.


  • Oh yes, I am well aware of the powerful union. I have a nice international following with my blog. Perhaps we should also consider creating some international attention. We will be pitied at the very least but maybe we can shame the monopoly into some action. I am considering doing a post on my blog and will add links to your site and Scout Magazine. It would be nice if people who have commented on Scout Magazine,who also have a blog or a website, visit my blog and leave a comment with a link to their site. If we can keep the momentum going we can certainly create some public awareness.

    • WCVR

      Hi Wilf,

      Writing more articles on this topic is needed as each blog reaches a different audience and set of readers. If you add a post, do a “pingback” from your post to our blog and the Scout Magazine blog, and you’ll have your new posting referenced in the comments of both. You can see that already in the Scout Magazine comments as both Shea’s and our blogs have already referenced the Scout Magazine post. Readers of the Scout Magazine post will then have an easy way to hit up your article.

      Hope that makes sense. Public awareness has to continue growing!


  • I use blogger and I don’t think ‘pingbacks’ work with blogger. But I certainly can link to the various web sites and blogs, including yours, Shea’s and Scout Magazine. I am about to leave a comment on Scout magazine re; LDB employees.
    Wilf krutzmann

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