Closed for Winter Holidays

Hey Winecouverites,

Australia is suffering from a massive oversupply of wine, and we’re on a mission to do our part in reducing the volume that could go to waste. Could there be any greater tragedy?

We’re off to Melbourne for a few weeks of holidays, to visit Mrs Winecouver’s family and to drink off some of her cellar that she’s left behind. She’s got a load of Aussie Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon from the start of the decade that is just begging to be popped and poured.

We’re hoping to pay a quick visit to the Rutherglen area (noted for its fortified wines), Mornington Peninsula, and if we have the time, spend a few nights in the Barossa Valley.

In the meantime, we won’t really have a chance to post any blind reviews, but we’ll do our best to post some “Had a Glass” tasting impressions, especially if we drink some of Australia’s iconic wines.

We sign off with a joke from one our favorite TV shows, 30 Rock:

Happy Holidays… is what terrorists say.
Merry Christmas.

Mr & Mrs Winecouver

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