Had a Glass: 2010 Charles Melton Rose of Virginia

Vintage: 2010
Producer: Charles Melton
Variety: Grenache Blend
Designation: N/A
Region: Australia
Sub-region: South Australia, Barossa, Barossa Valley
ABV: 13.0%
Price: $21 AUD, not available in BC

We tasted with our guest reviewer, Closet Taster.

Closet Taster says: Bloody brilliant, and thanks for bringing it around.

He says: I’m a big fan of Charles Melton, ever since I had a bottle of Nine Popes which helped turn me onto wine. I’ve been itching to try more of their lineup, but unfortunately it’s hard to find in Canada. Here in Australia, it’s easier to find, and we were happy to pick this up. This wine is more of a red wine Rosé in that it has a bit of structure and discernable tannins. The bouquet is layered, even touching on the Turkish Delight descriptor they use on the back label. I really enjoyed this wine and wish it was something I could stock a case of at home.

She says: This was one of my favorite Aussie Rosés before I moved to Canada. It was great to taste it again after 5 years and find that it still held up to my expectations. It’s a more structured Rosé than those produced in Canada, with lovely layers of fruit and candied flavours, freshened with good acidity. It was a great welcome home.

Tasting note

Looks like: Clear, deep pink/rose
Smells like: Clean, med- intensity, youthful, citrus, strawberry, raspberry, cream soda, cherry soda
Tastes like: Dry, med- acidity, med body, med+ intensity, low tannin, raspberry, cream soda, med+ alcohol, med+ finish
Summary: Very Good, Ready to drink

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