Had a Glass: Segura Viudas Cava Brut Reserva Heredad

Vintage: NV
Producer: Segura Viudas
Variety: Cava Blend (Macabeo, Xarel·lo, Parellada)
Designation: Brut Reserva Heredad
Region: Spain
Sub-region: Catalunya, Cava
ABV: 12.0%
Price: $32 (BC LDB), $32 (EWine)

He says: I’m a big fan of the standard Brut Reserva produced by this winery which can be had for $14 from the BC Liquor Store. So, I’d have to say I was a bit disappointed by this one given it’s twice the price. Using the traditional method that Champagne is made in, I expected more complexity, and bread/yeast notes from the autolytic process. Unfortunately, it was just clean, crisp, apple & pear flavours, which it did well, but didn’t allow it to compete against the Champagnes on the table. It’s a solid bubbly, but sign me up for two of the cheaper Brut Reserva bottles rather than one of these.

She says: Rarely do I agree with my husband on every point, but I’d say he’s bang-on with that review.

Tasting note

Looks like: Clear, bubbles, med- lemon
Smells like: Clean, med- intensity, youthful, citrus, green apple, pear, touch of yeast
Tastes like: Dry, med+ acidity, med- body, med intensity, apple, pear, slight yeast, med alcohol, med+ finish
Summary: Good, Ready to drink

2 comments to Had a Glass: Segura Viudas Cava Brut Reserva Heredad

  • This was a great Cava,It was no champagne [acid and autolytic qualities] but good, nice ripe fruit, Impressed me as Im not the biggest fan of Cava


  • paquita olivencia


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