2007 Black Hills Estate Nota Bene

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Vintage: 2007
Producer: Black Hills Estate
Variety: Red Bordeaux Blend
Designation: Nota Bene
Region: Canada
Sub-region: British Columbia, Okanagan Valley
ABV: 14.7%
Price: $53 (winery, sold out), $60 (EWine)

We tasted with our guest reviewer, Swedish Touch.

Swedish Touch says: Like drinking a dry nut.

She says: The Cabernets were very prominent in this wine. It had the strongest ‘green’ notes both on the nose and palate. Whilst I found the nose initially the most complex, the fruit was almost overpowered on the palate by the herbaceous flavour profile. I did not dislike it as much as my fellow tasters but it was not my favourite either. The name, “Nota Bene,” is Latin for ‘note well’ or ‘take notice’, and I am not sure it quite lives up to its name.

He says: My wife can be so gracious. She can look me in the eye and tell me she loves me even if I’m hungover, smell bad, and badly need a shave. So, I’m not surprised that she handled this review with kid gloves. I won’t. Don’t buy this wine. It’s ridiculously priced and thrives among a bunch of cult-followers who think they’re going to hang out with Jason Priestly by drinking it. I’d rather have two bottles of the Tinhorn Creek (for almost the same price), than one bottle of this. Unfortunately, we have 2 more bottles of this Big Green Monster left in our stock to drink with some 90210 re-runs. Oh joy.

Tasting note

Looks like: Clear, med+ ruby, slight garnet rim, dilute to rim
Smells like: Clean, med intensity, youthful, black fruit, oak, slight green leaf, blueberry
Tastes like: Dry, med+ acidity, med body, med intensity, med fine tannin, strong strawberry green notes down middle, earth, tastes under ripe, very minty, med alcohol, med finish
Summary: Average, Needs more time to develop

10 comments to 2007 Black Hills Estate Nota Bene

  • Jonathan Yapp via Facebook

    wow, harsh (hilarious) review! i’ve had a lot of this wine with my uncle and have always enjoyed it.. must try again

  • Thanks Jonathan. It’s not the worst wine in the world, nor even in BC, but at >$50 we expect a lot more from it. It really got its ass kicked in this tasting. When an expensive wine really underperforms, it’s time to come out guns blazing.

  • PS. Wanna buy some our leftover stock? ;-)

  • Jonathan Yapp via Facebook

    i checked and i’ve actually only had the 03 and the 04, perhaps you need to leave this one in the cellar for a bit. and no thanks, i just drink this stuff, i don’t buy it :)

  • That is the summary we have in our review i.e. needs more time to develop. However, in our opinion, there is not enough ripe fruit to complement any softening of the tannins/green elements for this to become spectacular. Anyway, that opinion and $4 will get you a latte at JJ Bean. :-)

  • Marcus Aurelius

    After hearing so many great things about this wine, I was disappointed when I tried it for the first time last year. There was nothing overtly wrong with the wine structurally, but it was the aroma/flavour profile that I really did not enjoy – green and leafy. Many who worship this wine have told me that its needs age to be enjoyed properly. This is a statement that I can’t argue against, but is bottle age really going to translate into a better aroma/flavour profile for this wine? Is the fruit magically going to ripen with time in the bottle???

    From a business perspective, one cannot argue against Black Hills’ success. Charging over $50 for this wine and being able to consistently sell-out (at least in the past) translates into a sweet profit margin. Let’s just hope buyers of the wine don’t wake-up one day and realise they no longer like green wines.

  • john b

    just had 2007 with a special beef dinner – paired well -and was ready to drink – soft and everything was in balance fruit no green notes – don’t under stand the review

  • Ron F-S

    Just had the 07 Nota Bene as a dinner bottle (08/16/15) as we had been saving this for our 35th Anniversary. Exceptional taste and well worth cellaring it for 8 years. Still our favourite wine and have the 08 through to 13 cellaring now for the next 6 anniversary dinners. Hope you saved on of those green monsters for this year.

  • Julian Y

    Just had the 07 Nota Bene which I have been cellaring for some time. I am shocked at the previous reviews. I can only say that it is drinking beautifully in 2015 and too bad you drank too soon! No green monsters here.

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