2007 Laughing Stock Vineyards Portfolio

Rating: ★★★½☆

Vintage: 2007
Producer: Laughing Stock
Variety: Red Bordeaux Blend
Designation: Portfolio
Region: Canada
Sub-region: British Columbia, Okanagan Valley
ABV: 14.3%
Price: $40 (winery, 2008 vintage), $41 (EWine), $47 (Marquis), $40 (Taylorwood)

We tasted with our guest reviewer, Swedish Touch.

Swedish Touch says: It’s like giggle juice. It makes me happy and just sips down.

She says: Whilst this was my favourite wine of the tasting, it didn’t ‘wow’ me like it has on occasions past. Some balanced herbaceous, oak & chocolate notes on the palate gave it a little more depth and elegance than the other wines. Overall, the rich black fruit, reminiscent of fruitcake, lingered into a rich smooth finish.

He says: This wine is a perennial favorite for us, and one that we buy yearly via Laughing Stock’s Futures program, resulting in a $35/bottle price point. I think it’s a great buy at that price, but I’m hesitant to recommend it at closer to $50 as we see in some BC retail stores. There is depth and elegance to this wine, but it has yet to reach the complexity we find in Old World favorites, which is no surprise. I’m excited to see how the Portfolio releases evolve as the vines age and the winemaking experience grows.

Tasting note

Looks like: Clear, med+ ruby, slight garnet rim, dilute to rim
Smells like: Clean, med intensity, youthful, black fruit, slight stewed, prune, blueberry, sweet, notes of raspberry jam
Tastes like: Dry, med acidity, med+ body, med intensity, med+ fine tannin, black fruit, some tartness, bright, baked fruit, rich, choc/coffee, med alcohol, med+ finish
Summary: Good, Ready to drink but can develop further

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