Had a Glass: Morris Muscat Cellar Reserve Grand Liqueur

Vintage: Non-Vintage
Producer: Morris
Variety: Muscat
Designation: Cellar Reserve Grand Liqueur
Region: Australia
Sub-region: Victoria, Rutherglen
ABV: 18.0%
Price: $35 AUD (winery)

He says: I had the great privilege to visit the Rutherglen region of Australia this past winter, and would go back to visit it in a heartbeat. It’s full of down-to-earth people, producing great wines at reasonable prices. I was absolutely intrigued by the types of wine they produce that are rarely represented on our shelves: aged Tawny Ports, aged Muscadelles, and aged Muscats. All superb. If you have a chance to taste a Morris fortified, do everything you can to make it so. One of the top producers of Rutherglen, this bottle showed why: rich, thick, intense, with a gamut of flavours to tease the senses. Exceptional.

She says: Liqueur Muscat is a truly unique, yet relatively unknown, treasure to come from Australia. Morris has a long history of producing fortified wines using the solera system and this shines through in the glass. It had an amazing intensity of caramelized brown sugar, butterscotch and raisin that only age can bring. What a treat… a glass full of lusciously delicious goodness.

Tasting note

Looks like: Clear, med+ amber
Smells like: Clean, med+ intensity, developing, dried fruit, raisin, coffee, caramel,
Tastes like: Sweet, med acidity, full body, med + intensity, brown sugar, raisin, butterscotch, coffee, fortified, long finish
Summary: Outstanding, Drink now, Can develop further

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