Had a Glass: 2009 Telmo Rodríguez Rueda Basa Blanco

Vintage: 2009
Producer: Telmo Rodríguez
Variety: Verdejo
Designation: Basa Blanco
Region: Spain
Sub-region: Castilla y León, Rueda
ABV: 13.0%
Price: $18 (BC LDB), $18 (EWine)

He says: Everyone swooned at the VIPWF about this wine, but I think it was mostly the single ladies drooling over the winemaker; and old, bald men lusting over his ample head of harlequinesque hair. Regardless, we’re always wary of hype, but happy to find it justified in this case. A tremendous value at $18, this wine has razor sharp balance, and has easily become one of our favorite summer quaffers. It’s a refreshing mouthful of citrus, stone fruit and melon; peeled, pitted, and fermented for your drinking pleasure.

She says: Lovely, pure, delicious fruit balanced with a crisp backbone of acidity. Easy drinking, with a pleasant finish that is perfect for summer. If only we had some more sunshine to go with it! And just for the record, I don’t recall drooling over any winemakers at the VIPWF.

Tasting note

Looks like: Clear, med- lemon
Smells like: Clean, med intensity, youthful, stone fruit, honey, citrus, melon
Tastes like: Dry, med acidity, med body, med+ intensity, melon, stone fruit, citrus, med alcohol, med+ finish
Summary: Very good, Ready to drink but can keep

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by Samuel Johnson

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