Had a Glass: NV Fernando de Castilla Fino “Antique”

Vintage: Non-Vintage
Producer: Fernando de Castilla
Variety: Palomino
Designation: Fino “Antique”
Region: Spain
Sub-region: Andalucia, Jerez-Xérès-Sherry
ABV: 17%
Price: £17 (The Sampler, 500 mL)

He says: This is an amazing Sherry, and not a lot of it is produced very year. If you see it, grab it. It’s aged for an average of 8 years, much longer than a typical Fino sherry at 3 years, and it’s very evident in the wine’s concentration, alcohol level, gycerol-rich mouthfeel, and flavour. What stands out most for me is how much character this Fino has. It’s not at all frail or gentle like most Fino’s, but shows a lot of guts, and richness, and is almost entering Brandy territory. Stunning wine.

She says: ”Rich” is not normally a word that comes to mind when drinking Fino sherry. This wine is just that with a depth of flavour that lingers with you long after your glass is empty. The finish of salted nuts with a hint of caramel makes it savoury with the most subtle trace of sweetness. Truly extraordinary.

Tasting note

Looks like: Clear, bright, deep gold with a wide watery rim, legs
Smells like: Clean, pronounced intensity, fully developed, intensely salty, nutty (peanut), hint of caramel, bready, like peanut brittle
Tastes like: Dry, low acidity, med+ body, pronounced intensity, flavours as on nose, fortified to a med level, long finish
Summary: Outstanding, Ready to drink – not meant for additional ageing


2 comments to Had a Glass: NV Fernando de Castilla Fino “Antique”

  • This producer is one of the best in Jerez. Their antique series is truly amazing. This Fino is apparently made in the old style, which has been eschewed now in favour of lighter, fresher finos. My personal favourite from the antique series, though, is the Palo Cortado – damn. They are also wonderful to visit.

    • WCVR

      Really wish we’d visited them now. Having a hard time finding the Antique Palo Cortado here in the UK as well, so may have to wait until next trip to Spain.

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