Had a Glass: 2002 Horst Sauer Escherndorfer Lump Spätlese Trocken

Vintage: 2002
Producer: Horst Sauer
Variety: Riesling
Designation: Spätlese Trocken
Region: Germany
Sub-region: Franken
ABV: 12.5%
Price: £16 (The Sampler)

He says: One of the most bizarre wine bottles I’ve ever seen, with an equally bizarre full-form name. However, this is beautifully aged German Riesling, with an expressive ripeness on the nose that reminds me intensely of sweet tangerine oranges. On the palate, this wine is much less expressive, and perhaps even starting to fade as the fruit lacks intensity. What is there is a lively acidity. Perhaps it’s reaching end of days?

She says: A very enjoyable wine especially for the price. It is not often you find a 10 year old bottle of German Riesling for under £20. The bottle shape makes a great talking point and the wine itself teases you with its rich sweet nose and lush mouth feel ending in a dry finish. An interesting wine, both inside and out.

Tasting note

Looks like: Clear, bright, deep lemon with wide watery rim
Smells like: Clean, pronounced intensity, developing, sweet tangerine orange, honey, hint of guava
Tastes like: Dry, med+ acidity, med body, medium intensity, flavours as on nose, med alcohol, long finish
Summary: Very Good, Drink now, will not improve


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