Taste these! Wine picks for the 2012 Playhouse Wine Festival – Day 2

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On Day 2 of the 2012 Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival, we focused our sights on the Regional Theme of this year’s event: Chile. This is region that we don’t spend a lot of money on normally due to the tendency for most wines to bear that “Chilean funk” on the nose: a mix of green pepper, plaster, and rubber. However, what we found was that there were some definite categories of wine that we’d long overlooked.

Taste these! Wine picks for the 2012 Playhouse Wine Festival – Day 1

Source: http://playhousewinefest.com/

Here were our favorite wines from California Cruisin’. Look for them on the Tasting Room floor during the remainder of the Wine Festival sessions.

The World’s Oldest Shiraz – Langmeil’s The Freedom 1843

Langmeil's old vine Shiraz, Barossa Valley

For every Yellow Tail or Hardy’s, there are a multitude of stories to be told about premium Australian labels that have upheld traditional winemaking ideals with the goal of delivering boutique, terroir-driven wines.

Drinking with a legend: Miguel A. Torres

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Miguel A. Torres, born in 1941, is one of the most celebrated wine icons in the world. He has won numerous accolades including the prestigious Decanter Man of the Year award in 2002. Yet, despite all his fame and the success of the Torres corporation, he is remarkably down-to-earth, humble, and lovingly self-deprecating.

Taste these! Wine picks for the 2011 Playhouse Wine Festival

Source: http://playhousewinefest.com/

We did our best to make our way through the Tasting Room at the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival and came out feeling like we’d barely scratched the surface. With over 700 wines to taste, from 176 wineries, 15 countries, and only 3 hours on Thursday night, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. We arrived with a plan of attack composed of a list of wineries we had to try. Unfortunately, some tables were constantly 3 people deep so our best laid plans were only partially realized. So many wines, so little time.

Wine truths

“In vino veritas. (In wine there is truth.)”
by Pliny, Roman naturalist

Wine Ratings

★☆☆☆☆ - Poor quality. Avoid. Save your money. Between 80-84 points.

★★☆☆☆ - Average quality or poor value. Between 84-88 points. Some expensive wines are downgraded for bad value.

★★★☆☆ - Good. Between 88-92 points. Or a good value on the lower end of the point scale.

★★★☆☆ - Excellent quality. Between 92-96 points. Or a cheap yet good quality wine which is excellent value.

★★★☆☆ - Outstanding, best examples in the world. Between 96 and 100 points. A perfect wine.